The 10 Best Buys from IKEA’s New 2019 Catalog

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As you may have heard, the new came out today! (Related: Your Absolute Favorite IKEA Product Now Comes in a New Color.) In honor of the new shopping grail — and the store’s 75th anniversary — the company is also launching an interactive space in New York City and Chicago, called IKEA Inspiration Experience, where visitors can walk through four sample rooms, eat some meatballs, compete for prizes, and more.

We got a tour of the space this morning — plus, a physical copy of the catalog — and here are the 10 best kitchen buys we found.

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1. , $179

This cabinet isn’t new, but the deep-red color option sure is! We love it in a kitchen as a makeshift pantry or in a dining room to hold dishes, glassware, and more. (Note: The catalog lists $179, but the site says $169.)

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2. , $99

We’re not sure how this is only $99, but it is! The top is pine plywood and the shelves are made of sturdy powder-coated steel.

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3. , $109

Made of powder-coated steel, this high chair is as sturdy as it is stylish. And the seat cover comes off for cleaning — so the chair is practical, too!

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4. FJÄLLBERGET Conference Chair, $199

Just because it’s technically called a conference chair does not mean this ash and birch chair can’t sit around a dinner table. You know that padded seat would come in handy during long dinner parties.

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5. , $25

IKEA’s iconic utility cart now comes in this deep blue hue. The trendy color is actually totally indicative of IKEA’s new super-sophisticated attention to design for 2019.

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6. , $15 for set of five

These glass jars would look cute out on a kitchen counter or even tucked away in a pantry. We love that the cork lids make the jars stackable and that they can be used with or without the included tray.

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7. , $548

If you have the space for a kitchen island and need to maximize your storage, this is your solution. One side has two large shelves, while the other has space for stools. And that rack adds room for cookware and even hanging gadgets. (Meatballs and chef not included!)

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8. , $10

At just $10 each, this stoneware vase is begging to become your go-to hostess gift for the rest of year. Stock up and you’ll always have one to give when you get a last-minute invite somewhere. (Note: It’s listed, for now, at $8 on the site, which would obviously be even better!)

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9. MORGONTE Plate/bowls, $10 for set of three

What we love most about this porcelain dish set is that the hard work of creating a pretty color scheme has already been done for us. It takes all the guesswork out of setting the table, so that you can focus on what’s for dinner.

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10. , $6

We’re huge fans of plants in the kitchen. And of enameled steel! This cute planter would match any enameled plates or dishes you may already have. (Note: The catalog lists the price at $6, while the site currently says $4.)

Which of these new IKEA products are you most excited about? Discuss in the comments below!

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