The 5 Kitchen Buys Our Readers Bought by the Boatload in 2018

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As the Lifestyle Director here at Kitchn, I run at least one shopping story each day. It can be about a specific section at Costco, a life-changing gadget a Kitchn staffer is obsessed with, the best brand of jarred pasta sauce, saving money, and so on. (We cover it all!) For the most part, I have a pretty good grasp on when a story will do well. (And we try to only run stories that we think you guys will like!) But every once in a while, a story will do better than we ever imagined it would. That’s super fun to watch because it means we’re really helping you guys.

Here are some of our most popular shopping stories of the year and the five gadgets that you guys flipped over.

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1. , $90

We clearly had to include the Instant Pot on this list. Even after being on the market for a few years now, the small appliance is still one of the hottest tools that everyone seems to be talking about. (Go out to lunch with your mom and she’s probably going to ask you if you’ve heard of the “Instapot,” call up your college roommate and she’s likely to rave about how good hard-boiled eggs are when they’re made in the Instant Pot — you get the point.) We’ve seen you guys buy Instant Pots on Amazon Prime Day, on Black Friday, and even random Tuesdays. If you still don’t have one, we strongly suggest getting one before 2019. Start the new year off right!

More on the Instant Pot

2. , $12

We have to be honest: When C868彩票:Sheela Prakash, our resident wine expert, said she wanted to write about this wine saver, we never imagined it would take off as much as it did. We’re glad it did, though, because it is legitimately the best wine saver on the market. Sheela originally found it in Italy (where they know a thing or two about wine) and was pumped to find it on Amazon. From the looks of it, seems like you guys were equally as excited!

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3. , $38

A kitchen organizer that makes a difference is one thing. A kitchen organizer that works and looks good is a whole other thing. That combo is usually pretty hard to come by, but this YAMAZAKI home magnetic rack (and ) is proof that pretty organizers do exist. This one sticks onto the side of a fridge and has space to hold spices, a roll of paper towels, utensils, and more.

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4. , $13

I worked with this in my kitchen for months and months before it finally occurred to me that it was worth writing about. I teased it with a vague title (This $13 Gadget Is the Best Thing About My Rental Kitchen), and so many of you guys wrote in to tell me that the answer was super surprising and something that truly is life-changing. Those of you who have one wrote in to agree with me, and those of you without one wrote in to tell me you were buying one immediately.

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5. , $25

Back in August, we ran a huge feature package on C868彩票:packing lunch. We shot a lot of the meals in bento-style tins from LunchBots and so many of you guys wanted to know more about the containers. We’ve loved them for years and had no problem explaining all reasons they’re worth the investment.

Got anything to add? Was there anything else that you bought (and loved) after reading about on this site earlier in the year?

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